Why I eat fish on a weekly basis



I have to start with a disclaimer because I love fishing and nothing’s better than eating the actual fish that you’ve caught yourself. Plus, it helps my special someone experiment with a bunch of recipes she might have read about on the internet. This way, we’re connected in some inexplicable way especially as she doesn’t have a special interest in the angling business.

Now that we’re past that, I can finally begin by saying that I enjoy eating fish on a regular basis. I used to buy some salmon and tuna, but most of the canned varieties that I have tried over the years are overly processed and the taste just doesn’t resemble that of my catches. On the one hand, the fish I catch is fresh, it’s right out of the water. On the other, it’s packed with a bunch of nutrients that are pretty much absent in processed food.

One thing I like about salmon, in particular, is that it contains heaps of fats that are extremely healthy. Most people like fried chicken and other potentially unhealthy specialties, but the fact is that all of this stuff needs to be fried in oils that might affect you in the long run, especially if this is what you eat every day. By contrast, if you throw a piece of salmon in a pan, it will create some oils on its own, therefore allowing you to fry it naturally.

I’ve also read some studies that go into detail with regard to how fish can keep your heart in top shape. Most associations dealing with cardiac health have published various scientific works that have proven that eating fish is particularly healthy.While I am a bit wary of this idea, some say that fish consumption can prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s because the nutrients apparently protect nerves and brain cells, as well. Again, I can’t be particularly sure of all of this, but I have learned in school that the fat content in the brain is extremely high so eating healthy fats is a good idea.

Finally, I’d like to add that everyone knows that vitamin D is extremely important for bone development and various other processes occurring in the human body. The problem is that there’s virtually no chance of you getting the amount of vitamin D you need from the food that you eat, unless you consume fish. Exposure to sunlight is the simplest way of getting enough vitamin D, but these days this practice is somewhat risky given the number of skin cancer cases. I myself know a lot of people who have stopped going to the beach in summer entirely because they’re afraid they might get skin cancer.

So these are some of the reasons that I like eating fish as often as I can.

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