Things you can do while you’re waiting for the fish to bite



It’s during those moments when you’re waiting for the fish to bite that you get bored with the activity. In my case, at first I yawn, then slap myself awake. I have earned to enjoy the waiting period by doing different things. I know I need to focus on what I’m doing in that situation, because fish can be quite unpredictable. One moment they could be disinterested and the next they’d be biting tentatively on the end of the line. Kind of makes you want to think why you didn’t pick up a more interesting sport in the first place. Well, I have gotten the boredom out of my system, which comes out of waiting for a bite from the fish. I have been enjoying the waiting time listening to music on my cell phone. No blasting speakers though, so I just use in-ear headsets. Otherwise, I listen to the weather station on my portable weather radio. It gives me assurance I am not fishing on a day that can get rumpled by a storm.


Another thing I do is just to relax and enjoy the view. This is the primary reason I only fish in locations that come with a fantastic scenery. There’s always waterfowl or a great-looking bird out there that can brighten up the dreariness of waiting for the fish to bite. There are times when I sit on my boat waiting for the fish to bite for hours and never get a bite. I just enjoy the laidback atmosphere, because work can be exhausting. I say waiting for the fish to bite is a Higher Power’s way of telling us not to worry too much about the future, if you know what I mean.

I also bring a book along to keep me amused. Reading has become a luxury for me, and waiting for the fish to bite gives me enough time to finish chapters or even an entire book in one day. I own this nice wooden portable book stand on which I position my book for reading.

When a fellow angler goes by on a fishing boat, I make small talk. It’s interesting what stories you can share with other anglers while waiting. I have met many fishing friends this way, many of whom have kept in touch through the years.

I also like watching YouTube videos on fishing while I wait for the fish to bite. The pointers and tips you can pick up from the videos can make the activity more exciting. There’s always something new on YouTube, even for anglers like me. Sometimes, I reply to emails on my cell phone from friends and relatives. I go onboard on social media networks to see what’s going on with the world. I take self photos as well or make a video about the fishing trip. Although I have no dreams of becoming a YouTube sensation, video making can be so exciting.

Yep, waiting for the fish to bite should not be extremely boring. It provides a fun means of discovering yourself or the world one fish at a time.



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