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Proud to be from Minnesota, I am an avid outdoors person who loves everything my state has to offer in the way of fishing and hunting. I go fishing and hunting as often as I can, making use of every national holiday to get even better at those activities. Aside from watching a lot of fishing and hunting videos, I visit many websites dedicated to those sport activities, whether they are instructional or geared as equipment buying guides. I have been fascinated by the amount of information available to outdoor enthusiasts like me, despite the fact that many of those websites are designed for advertising purposes. That doesn’t matter, because the only way we can really get more than enough information about what is available on the market is through those well-designed advertisements, right? They have always been an effective means of connecting brands to consumers.

I make sure to invest in top quality fishing gear, as I intend to enjoy the activity for years. In fact, I even hope to have my own children someday get interested in the sport. My girlfriend and I are already hooked on both hunting and fishing, and between us, we have already accumulated a significant amount of gear that we use on numerous outdoor adventures in and around Minnesota.

I am happy to report that I was able to buy the right equipment for fishing primarily thanks to the help of our local tackle shop. When my girlfriend and I were just starting out on fishing, we visited the shop and told the sales people there what we wanted to fish, and they gladly assisted us with where the best fishing spots were. Over time, our gear collection grew from what they had recommended at first to an entire array of equipment we have bought after doing our own research and careful testing. It’s a great thing that top quality fishing equipment manufacturers have pretty good return policies so we have been able to make sure we got only what we really needed for our activities.

Typically, you will want this item to be in your fishing gear collection: a 6- to 7-foot, medium to medium-light action rod with graphite construction. A two-piece rod allows effortless storage and transport. The matching spinning reel should preferably be medium to medium light and filled with a premium quality 8-pound test monofilament line. Some models come with a spare spool. The line should be 4#, while the spare spool should be wound with 6# test line.

You should also have quality hooks in various sizes, along with assorted ball-bearing snaps and swivels. You will also want a tackle box, but a fishing vest with plenty of pockets would also be good enough to hold your fishing tackle. Polarized sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

To determine what type of fishing rod is perfect for your own use, you’ll have to figure out what type of fish you intend to use the pole for as well as how you’ll be fishing for them. Generally, I prefer a telescoping fishing rod especially the ones made of fiber glass. Take note of the recommended line rating for the rod as well as the lure weight ranges for it. As a rule of thumb, the fishing pole should offer dependable performance in the middle of that range. You can’t use those line ratings for sure if you go for braided fishing lines. While one-piece rods outclass multi-piece ones, the latter do offer the convenience of effortless transport and storage. A rod that feels right in your hand has the proper weight, feel, sensitivity, stiffness, length, taper and guide material. A lightweight rod reduces the stress of long days of casting.

I still have the spinning reel that I bought during my beginner days. As I have gotten more serious about the sport, I have explored the potential of custom rods, which are specially made to my preferences and favorite fishing style. I have proven that longer rods offer further casting while shorter ones provide greater leverage when reeling the catch in, especially when I and my  best fishing buddy namely, my girl, are on a boat. A shorter rod, on the other hand, provides the leverage needed for bottom fishing from the boat.

I own both waist high and hips waders. I am eyeing a pair of chest waders because I am fascinated by how they deliver the most coverage. My hip waders offer on-and-off convenience, giving me easy wear with regular clothes while still providing adequate coverage to handle plenty of wading tasks. I use them on smaller streams and when launching or recovering a fishing boat, as well as big-game hunting in boggy terrain. Wearing like a pair of pants, my waist-high waders come with belt loop and a belt to enable me to keep them up securely.


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